LePlatt’s Pond

A serene, private setting for your unforgettable event.

This 100-acre ranch is nestled in the heart of the Pine River Valley, in Bayfield Colorado, just a stone’s throw from Durango. The Pine River, an eight-acre lake with countless streams and green meadows, paint the perfect setting for your event. DPR has supplied this wedding site with the finest rentals, including a stunning 40’ x 80’ weather-resistant tent with chandelier lighting and permanent flooring. The tent is equipped with tables, chairs, a dance floor, and bar.  We offer exclusive discounted China, Silverware, Glassware and Linen packages at LePlatt’s Pond. The ceremony site is right on the water’s edge, so you and your guests can enjoy the lake’s ambiance.  Our Day of Coordination package is perfect for the couple who want’s to enjoy their wedding, and let us do all the work.  Leave the set up and clean up, and coordinating to the professionals, so your event is flawless!  LePlatt’s Pond is perfect for weddings, company events, family reunions and more.  Call today to schedule a private tour of the grounds, we would be thrilled to host your special event!

As your one-stop resource, DPR can help you with every detail of your event—from the wedding site and flowers to the champagne flutes and transportation.

Arrange a tour of beautiful LePlatt’s Pond to plan your mountain wedding, reunion or company event. It’s the perfect wedding site!

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